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Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 01:00:06 BST

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    >From: "Alan Patrick" <>
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    >Subject: Re: Shakers
    >Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002 19:39:13 -0400
    > > Who said anything about 'all'?
    >I'd better restate my question:
    >(i) Shakers practiced celibacy. Genetically therefore there was no
    >replication. There are also no more Shakers, ergo their memes have also
    >(except if you believe in furniture as meme replicators to IKEA and the
    >(ii) Other groups rooted in similar traditional beliefs have transmitted
    >their genes, and their memes.
    >ie, would this suggest that genetic replication is required for "faith" and
    >"belief" memes after the first generation?
    I think you guys are at cross-purposes here. I see your point that the core
    beliefs inherent in the Shaker religion have disappeared as a practice along
    with the practicioners. In a sense, though, Shaker beliefs may have survived
    as archived in references *about* the Shakers.
    Wade is talking about other ideas they have developed like their particular
    crafts and styles for furniture making. These ideas and resultant artifacts
    apparently live on even with the Shakers having subsided as a religious

    Are there *any* Shakers still around, I mean people who still practice their
    core beliefs?

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