Re: Bush's War on Terrorism

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Date: Sun Apr 28 2002 - 19:52:07 BST

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    Hi Scott, you wrote,
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Scott Chase <>
    > For the Palestinians, some of whom are probably atheists or agnostics (I
    > dunno) the fear is hellbent Israeli soldiers with machine guns and tanks
    > having their homes bulldozed and whether their homes will be soon
    > appropriated by Israeli settlers. If I had to grow up in this situation as
    > Palestinian possibly being born into a refugee camp even, I'd be rather
    > ticked off too, especially if capitalized upon by militants spewing
    > propaganda.

    My POV on this is that in spite of being one atheist or one agnostic Pales-
    tinian that being as being a Palestinian tout court you will be ' forced '
    choose sides ! You can stay, IMO on the side- line and do nothing; you
    can be a pacifist if you like, but you can 't escape, being a Palestinian,
    still IMO, what those ' terrorists ' of Hamas has instored for you!
    They will, they will ever want to settle the score_ IOW, in one way or
    another you will be ' forced ' to take part in the battle.

    Of course, the fear is hellbent Israel, that is the way it is pictured over
    here ( althought the Palestinians are always the bad guys), but nothing
    is said about the pressure which has to be there from the Palestinian
    authorities/ terrorists upon the common people to take action.
    ( An analogy would be something like racketeering).

    The real fear of the Palestinians, as humans beings is of course be
    killed by Israeli gunfire, but in the same token, there is the fear to be
    portrayed as a nobody, a coward or worse a traitor !
    In situations like these that is something you don 't like to be known.
    Here, if you ever get in a fight, you can turn your back and walk away,
    nobody would care and moreover, some will favour such an attitude_
    in Palestinia this would be a deadly cocktail.

    You can 't be indifferent_ you may not, and those loonies will tell you
    this in such ways that you don 't !
    Or do you believe that Palestinians can escape both the Israeli's and
    their neigbour- terrorist !? I don 't !
    Living in peace with the former and do business with the latter !?
    The odd one out, yes, but the rest !?

    The common Palestinian is sqeeuzed between his fear of being shot
    by the Israeli and the fear for represailles if he stays indifferent to
    the cause !
    In memetic terms, this is just another hook !

    > But, being from the U.S. all the Israelis need do is point to our nasty
    > history and that pretty much squelches our righteous indignation, doesn't
    > it? Heck the whole world specializes in pointing their collective
    > fingers at U.S. Plus if one looks at it from the POV of people who
    > the Holocaust and who are picturing unfriendly neighbors ready to march
    > into the water when push comes to shove, things get a bit grey.

    Excuse me, sorry but having survived the Holocaust is no reason to
    smash up Palestinians and their homes, nor it is an excuse for their be-
    havior ! It is not an excuse to behave like they do now !
    Or is it somehow ' pay- back- time ' and have the Palestinians to
    suffer what went wrong in the ' 40 in Europe !?
    Well, we do then have a lot to do on this list though !



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