RE: Thoughts and Perceptions

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Date: Fri Apr 26 2002 - 20:52:33 BST

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    Hi EMC

    > Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 16:37:55 -0600
    > From: "emcshadow" <>
    > Subject: RE: Thoughts and Perceptions
    > Actually, "cognitive dissonance", in its psychological sense (Festinger,
    > 1957), acts more as a way of forcing a decision into a congruent frame
    > *after* the fact in order to keep it from violating some internal
    > consistency. Behavior inconsistent with attitudes can actually change the
    > attitudes. If you had fun at that party and you think all parties are stupid
    > and boring you have some options to work though...
    > 1. Deny that you ever said all parties are stupid and boring, they must have
    > misheard you.
    > 2. Deny the fact that you had fun, you were wearing the lampshade as a hat
    > because you were in such a hurry to leave.
    > With interesting corrollaries like the less the incentive for engaging in
    > dissonant behavior the great the dissonance. If you were hansomely
    > compensated for acting out of character it wouldn't generate much
    > dissonance. Interesting memetics mechanisms afoot here in how *reducing*
    > justification can influence behavioral modification.
    > - -emc

    It could also be used to delude your self that what occurred agreed with
    your views even when it did not by interpreting what you saw through the
    (say) rose tinted lenses. Or is that something else?



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