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    Ewww... Despite the milk snorting, I think there may be some small merit in
    using new maps for familiar territories. We may be talking about the same
    external territory with thunderbolts of Zeus and electricity, for example,
    but the map of electricity permits us to manipulate it differently, towards
    different ends, and with different efficacities.


    <Scott Wrote:>
    It's hard to read something like Lawrence posted above without the
    obligatory eye roll and snort of milk through the nose. All something like
    memetic engineering would entail is renaming something that's been going on
    long before the "meme" was contemplated. Calling it a virus, contagion or
    what have you adds nothing to its technological aspect. It's akin to putting
    the old wine of sales, marketing and advertising into new bottles with fancy
    colours. Lawrence is merely caught up in the fervor of the "meme" "meme" and
    it's clogging up his cognitive filters.
    </Scott Wrote>

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