Re: Bush's War on Terrorism

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 20:26:32 BST

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>
    > The Muslims are little better armed now than they were then. Just buying
    > weapons doesn't make them well armed any more than buying boxing gloves
    > makes someone a boxer. It's the years of training and the ability to
    > in modern terms that gives the Israelis the edge and like I've said
    > the Muslims want to take us back a few centuries. It's the changes the
    > Western nations are making to the world they're really fighting against.
    > Our whole way of life is blasphemous to what they are preaching. IMHO.

    Hi Grant,

    IMO and I always start from within an individualistic POV, Muslim
    youngsters ( and not only those) do have problems with the future
    spelled out before them as to be a proces wherein they are part of
    some obscur global program ( generalised as it was of US or European
    making), after that their expectations, dreams, usefullness, etc were
    reduced to some practial artifact for a/ some greater good.
    You loose out again and again all of your personal and particular
    points of your being... personality, dreams, needs, ideals,...are not
    counted in because those are not important.

    This makes some, not all, angry and frustrated. They want to do some-
    thing, they wanna be somebody, they don 't wanna be manipulated,
    neither be supported or represented. They all demand recognition for
    their human dignity. The dissidents turn their back to society or worse,
    they turn their back to what in their eyes is the reason for the
    they encounter_ universities, intellectual activity, education, economics,
    and to what is supporting this.

    In many ways I think, due to the fact that religion is intertwined with
    all most all parts of society, including how to be an individual ( what
    they can 't be because their society is manipulated in many ways) that
    such socities are out of date.

    But, and that is the paradox of course, ( besides that religion is the
    bias for power) the defenders of such a system wish to believe that
    the manner by which their society is constructed corresponds with
    some law of nature ans thus that there is no reason for each and any
    change. True believers are sensible for people like bin Laden and
    others, the ones who want change are not heard due to the fact that
    the formers threats them with violence.

    IOW, you don 't have to be afraid of the Jews or black people, you
    have to be afraid of me, me the white guy who threates you with vio-
    lence if you dare to be in favour of equal rights. ( No intention here!!!)
    In ' Muslim ' terms, they don 't have to be afraid of us ( we want to
    believe we come in with all the good intentions we have), they have
    to be afraid of their imans, of god 's followers, of those true, authentic
    believers who threats them with violence ( and it don 't have to be
    physical) if they try to oppose ' the objective necessity ' to keep the
    society as it is.



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