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Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 15:11:37 BST

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    >I don't see your proof for this, not on the muslim side at least. Israel
    >nuclear warheads trained on all the major arab capitals and a history of
    >supreme dominance on the battlefield. You'd be smart to bet this "third
    >world nation plus the whole of Islam" - and I'm hereby assuming this is a
    >meaningful statement, which it isn't - would do everything to avoid a
    >military confrontation with Israel. The Arab summit recently (re-)outline a
    >route to peace in Israel / Palestine. This is hardly evidence of bellicose
    >intention on behalf of muslim nations.
    >>The Muslims are little better armed now than they were then. Just buying
    >>weapons doesn't make them well armed any more than buying boxing gloves
    >>makes someone a boxer. It's the years of training and the ability to
    >>in modern terms that gives the Israelis the edge and like I've said
    >>the Muslims want to take us back a few centuries. It's the changes the
    >>Western nations are making to the world they're really fighting against.
    >>Our whole way of life is blasphemous to what they are preaching. IMHO.
    >I bet you're having fun writing this stuff :)
    It's no more fun than memetics. I just think most people are barking up the
    wrong tree on this issue. The U.S. is funding the armies of Israel,
    Palestine, Egypt and, through oil, the rest of the muslim countries. We're
    actually paying the people who are attacking us. Without U.S, assistance
    Arafat would have collapsed already. In addition, he is getting help from
    Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, and Iran. You must have seen that shipload of
    arms the Israelis confiscated. That's why Arafat doesn't get any bigger and
    better arms. The Israelis control what gets into Palestine. Arafat doen't
    even control his own army.

    If you were able to find out how much assistance we give Israel you must
    also be able to look down the list of countries we support and see how much
    we give Egypt and Palestine. In the hands of the U.S. government, money is
    an instrument of foreign policy. It has been for decades. The Chinese were
    doing it for many of the same people (think of all the countries with names
    that end in -stan) over 2,000 years ago. They used to buy off the
    barbarians they built the Great Wall to keep out. As a result, the Mongols
    and the Manchus later rode in and took over their country. I have no doubt
    Chinese money helped buy the Mongol armies that took over half the world
    under Gengis Khan. It's a philosophy that doesn't buy peace. It only buys
    time. But with the accelerating pace of change in the world, it doesn't
    even buy much of that anymore.



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