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Date: Wed Apr 24 2002 - 15:46:05 BST

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    >Subject: Re: Media and Violence
    >Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 09:15:06 -0400
    >On 04/23/02 18:48, Steve Drew said this-
    > >Rome did the same if I recall.
    >Rome, like other civilizations, was not desensitized to their spectacles
    >of violence and death, they _wanted_ to see just that. The audience was a
    >living and enjoying entity in these pageants of blood.
    >The bull fight is a pale imitation.
    >The appetites of the human species are strong, and should never be
    >- Wade
    Bull "fights" were never intended to be fights. They are ritual slaughters
    that test the courage of the matador. The bull was never intended to have a
    chance in the first place. If the bull survives, he just got lucky, that's
    all. He showed more courage and intellegence than the public expected. The
    matador, as the name implies, is just a killer of bulls -- not a fighter.
    He gets rewarded for doing his job with style and grace as well as courage.
    To me it looks a lot like standing on the tracks in front of an oncoming
    train and seeing who can let it get closest before jumping aside.



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