Re: Media and Violence

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Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 23:48:21 BST

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    Hi Wade, Lawrence.

    Very interesting.

    I noticed the idea that life is better now. But from a world wide is this
    It seems to be discussing a purely western/rich point of view. Given the
    life expectancy in parts of Africa etc, is this debate too Western?

    > with the idea of news as a commodity, to be pared to the listener, and pitched
    at a pre determined level for the publication
    Thus deciding for us (in terms of the advertisers) what news we are capable
    of understanding.

    Doesn't this also bring us back to the cycle of the audience and the TV
    feeding back upon itself?
    >Or will they, instead, become so desensitised to all spectacles that nothing
    can evoke a humane response? <

    That is what is being argued now.
    Rome did the same if I recall.

    >Meanwhile, the low end is so low that in many parts of the country USA Today
    constitutes an improvement.
    I presume USA Today is what we call a tabloid in the UK?
    Tits, gossip and sport?

    A rewarding read that needs some thought. The debate not the paper!

    First impressions is that the net is falling into the same lines, though the
    economics are far more ruthless. I read the NY Times on line, plus others,
    but as I understand, the top sites are music gossip and porn.

    Marx could have a point with his false consciousness idea.

    Wasn't religion that was the opiate of the masses. Just anything that could
    take them away from the daily grind.



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