Fw: Bush's War on Terrorism

From: Kenneth Van Oost (Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be)
Date: Tue Apr 23 2002 - 19:20:54 BST

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    From: Kenneth Van Oost <Kenneth.Van.Oost@village.uunet.be>
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    Subject: Re: Bush's War on Terrorism

    > ----- Original Message -----
    > From: Grant Callaghan <grantc4@hotmail.com>
    > > The Afghans, the Iranians, the Saudis have all engaged in this behavior
    > and
    > > are promoting it as the way of God. If other muslims don't believe in
    > > that doesn't make it less of a real threat from those who practice and
    > > promote it. Not all muslims want to crash airplanes into our buildings,
    > but
    > > that doesn't mean we don't have to watch out for those who do. The new
    > > "word of God" as preached in all the schools sending people to fight in
    > the
    > > war against Americans may not be the "true" word of God, but it is the
    > word
    > > against which we have to defend and protect ourselves. Call it what you
    > > will. It is out there in the muslim community and it is growing in
    > > popularity. Al qaeda members came from America, Britain, Pakistan,
    > Arabia,
    > > Malaysia, Yemen, etc., etc. It's not just in muslim countries where
    > > new gospel is being preached. If they weren't out to kill us, we could
    > > probably ignore it. Since they are, we can't.
    > Hi Grant, Lawrence and all,
    > If this is true and I think it does, than the reason why Islam attacks the
    > US
    > and others, has to be found within the individual and not as mush in the
    > religion as a whole.
    > I can (for)see reason(s) why it seems that the recent new words of god
    > are particular translated as attacking the US but I can 't see why in the
    > same
    > token the words of the prophet has to be ' replaced ' by those of
    > bombing and suicide- attacks.
    > Why thus, if Islam is an inherent violent religion ( like we assume) or
    > doesn 't
    > in its application avoids the use of it, is this than a thing of recent
    > !?
    > There has been IIRC in the past troubles and some local conflicts were
    > confined to Islam- another religious contrast, but not untill now on such
    > a massive and destructive scale. So what changed their attitude !?
    > To my mind, ( and this is something I already described upon this list)
    > minorities [ alleged ones and others] has to stop seeing ( or thinking of)
    > themselves as ' victims '.
    > This is probably, according to Isaiah Berlin, and I go along with his rea-
    > soning, " a psychological phenomenon which goes automatically together
    > with the liberation from foreign government/ ruling_ some sort of natural
    > reaction upon the repression or the humiliation of a society/ community
    > with national characteristics. "
    > Berlin writes here about nationalism, but we can easily transpose his
    > words to what seems a very important ingredient of Islam today, namely
    > ( the use of) violence. Althought, we must not sweeping generalisations.
    > " The kind of nationalism we see within [ the Muslim] community is maybe
    > as mush a form of social or class- struggle than it is a pure natural need
    > for recognition, which creates an atmosphere wherein man prefers to be
    > ruled by those of the same group/ religion/ class or nation ( even if this
    > leads to extremes) than to be paternalised_ how good the intentions were!"
    > And thus, by the still continiously interference ( in one way or another)
    > the US and Europe, Muslims are getting more and more frustrated and
    > turn eventually to violence to get their message across.
    > IMO, this means that the US, by applying its so called universal laws of
    > freedom, equality and order upon others misjudged, like many before,
    > the feeling which is inherent to the humanrights_ each of us is unique and
    > we all like to be treated as such. The US, misunderstood this feeling and
    > by the application of world- connecting systems ( like recently globalisa-
    > tion) disregarded the interests of the individual, who in the end always
    > wants respect for his/ her personality, way of life, needs, ideals,
    > The protest of those individuals takes than one extreme form and than a
    > more rational way, as long those apposed will bend.
    > In poor or ex- colonial aereas, very often such a struggle takes on the
    > form of a nationalistic need for recognition. It could be that this turned
    > into a need for religious recognition...in the way that what connects the
    > Muslim- world is not a political nationalism but a religious one.
    > ( this implies the notion that the Muslim- world is on a lower ladder than
    > ours, but this is/ was not my intention, but it is debatable)
    > The Muslim world is a world in transition, political and religious. They
    > may protest against what we call freedom and democracy, but the ways
    > by which we transpose those upon others are equal used by those apposed
    > to them. In terms of their own interest they use the technologies and per-
    > fect those.
    > What the outcome of the transition might be is difficult to pin point, but
    > in either way, like I said before, we need to help them to help ourselves
    > without being paternalising in any way or sense. And they have to under-
    > stand this as such !
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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