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Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 04:28:16 BST

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    >From: Vincent Campbell <>
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    >Subject: RE: media violence
    >Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 15:30:05 +0100
    > <I guess it comes down to which ox is being gored. After seeing
    >first hand
    > > the impact of cigarette smoking I'm kinda for a lot of the recent
    > >
    > > against the tobacco industry. Russell Crowe's _The Insider_ was a film I
    > > could relate to and the ad campaigns I've seen that portray smoking in a
    > > not
    > > so glamorous light are good (but are they working?).>
    > >
    > Smoking we've touched on before, and there are differing trends
    >around the world, often contradictory to what media messages about smoking
    >are out there. But there's a reasonable body of research that shows
    >problems with public health communication effectiveness, so I doubt movies
    >like 'The Insider' will have much of an impact, but who knows. In part the
    >problem of media effects, is not that there aren't any, but that too many
    >people think they know what they are, how they work, and how to achieve
    >particular effects with particular strategies, and they all seem rather
    >flawed in that assumption IMHO.
    > <I've heard grubmblings
    > > that make me get the impression that the fast food industry might be a
    > >
    > > target. I'm sort of mixed on this front. I've partaken of the greasy
    > > burger
    > > in the past (though I've managed a year sans red meat so I'm kinda proud
    > > of
    > > myself). I guess there's a point to be made about obesity and the
    > > US-ian diet (even beyond fast-food). Those Jared ads by Subway are sort
    > > a
    > > step in the right direction IMO, away from the greasy-burger charbroil
    > > stuff. To digress even further, I've switched to soy milk, which is
    > >
    > > good after the initial shock to the palate.>
    > >
    > See, I can't be doing with soy milk substitutes- they just don't
    >work with tea...
    I'm starting to think soy products are the real deal and cattle ooze
    derivatives are ersatz. Soy milk goes better with coffee. I've tried
    cultured soy, with is pseudo-yogurt. It's probably an acquired taste ;-)

    I stiil eat poultry (a staple) and fish and some lean ham once in a while. I
    haven't clucked for a chicken "whopper" yet.

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