RE: media violence

From: Steve Drew (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 21:13:12 BST

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    Hi Scott

    > Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 17:58:56 -0400
    > From: "Scott Chase" <>
    > Subject: RE: media violence

    > I guess it comes down to which ox is being gored. After seeing first hand
    > the impact of cigarette smoking I'm kinda for a lot of the recent battling
    > against the tobacco industry. Russell Crowe's _The Insider_ was a film I
    > could relate to and the ad campaigns I've seen that portray smoking in a not
    > so glamorous light are good (but are they working?).

    Yeah I've seen the effects, and felt them myself. Stopped now! Not seen the
    film, though I have heard some of the debate. If you look at the figures fro
    drinking in the UK I think it has increased of late, and yet the level of
    drink driving is a lot less than 20 years ago. I think tobacco will take the
    same sort of effort. Ie not just adverts but education and the law. I don't
    recall a single prosecution for smoking in a prohibited place
    > I've heard grubmblings
    > that make me get the impression that the fast food industry might be a new
    > target. I'm sort of mixed on this front. I've partaken of the greasy burger
    > in the past (though I've managed a year sans red meat so I'm kinda proud of
    > myself). I guess there's a point to be made about obesity and the typical
    > US-ian diet (even beyond fast-food). Those Jared ads by Subway are sort of a
    > step in the right direction IMO, away from the greasy-burger charbroil
    > stuff. To digress even further, I've switched to soy milk, which is really
    > good after the initial shock to the palate.
    > Compared to smoking and diet issues, media violence doesn't seem as pressing
    > an issue.

    Very true.



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