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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 15:23:14 BST

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    >Good morning Grant,
    >What did you see in the fianncial section of New York?
    >I think the core idea of 'getting our attention' is that there are some
    >things the US is doing -- some things consciously and some unconsciously of
    >their effects -- that harm the Arab andor Muslim owlrds, or the 3rd World.
    >The great majority of those who hold this view would like us to enter into
    >dialog with them to see whether these issues can be resolved. A few who
    >these views have 'given up' on the US (and other western countries) and see
    >that only acts of violence will get our attention.
    >A large part of Palestinian violence aganist the Israelis is motivated for
    >this reason as well: to indicate to the Israelis that the Palestinian cause
    >and desire for a viable freedom cannot be ignored. Of course, some
    >react to this provocation with violence of their own and announcements that
    >they will not pay attention to Palestinian grievances, but others realize
    >that the only way Israeli itself can have have peace is to deal with those
    >grievances. At this time, which way this will eventually go is still up in
    >the air, and very difficult, given the mutual antipathy that has evolved.
    >But the US is under no such constraint; we do have the option to enter into
    >dialog with those who have grievances against us, at least to the point of
    >coming to understand what they are. Bush's extraordinary reversal -- that
    >we CAN neotiate poitically without the prerequisite of a cessation of
    >violence, is very promising.
    > >
    > >
    > > >
    > > >The people who are preaching "it" DON'T call it 'shia'. Please look at
    > > >Armstrong's book, or look up "shi'i" in an encyclopedia, or do
    > > something to
    > > >find out what shi'ism is. It has nothing to do with the "it"
    > > that you are
    > > >so worried about.
    > > >
    > > >As to "them," they are aren't out to kill us; they are out to get our
    > > >attention. Unfortunately, all too many people in this country have yet
    > > >learn what it is we are supposed to be paying attention to...
    > > >
    > > >Lawrence
    > > >
    > > >
    > > Whatever they call the new doctrine, I've seen examples of how people
    > > enforcing it on television and in the newspapers.
    I've also seen
    > > an example
    > > of it in New York in the financial section. Yes, that got my attention.
    > > Now I wonder what the people who got it want to do with it. And how is
    > > getting my attention going to change anything or help them in any
    > > way? One
    > > more attention getter like that and I'll be ready to back George
    > > Bush. Is
    > > that what they want?
    > >
    > > Grant
    > >
    What I saw in the financial section of New York was the World Trade Center
    crumble and fall after the airplanes struck them.

    As to dialogue, every president since the intafada started has brought both
    the Israelis and the Palestinians together in Washington and Camp David and
    made them talk to each other. Jimmy Carter wasted so much of his time on
    these intransigents he neglected the needs of his own country. After every
    negotiation, one side or the other refused to abide by the rules they had
    agreed to. Both of them follow a policy of "never give an inch."

    If 30 years of dialogue with the U.S. as broker can't get them to agree on
    something, why will calling for more of the same solve any problems? We
    can't stop them from killing each other. The fight is not on equal terms.
    No matter what we do, one side or the other will claim we favored the other
    side. The only solution I can see is to go in and occupy both Israel and
    Palestine and confiscate their weapons. Unfortunately, the Israelis have
    atomic weapons and have shown that if they feel their backs are against the
    wall, they will do whatever, in their eyes, needs to be done. That solution
    would end with both Arabs and Jews hating us and the possibility that an
    atomic bomb might be exploded in a U.S. city. At this point, it seems like
    a no-win situation, no matter what we do.


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