Re: Thoughts and Perceptions

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 15:18:31 BST

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    On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 09:14 , Bill Spight wrote:

    > Facts are not memes. However, for any given facts, there is a
    > multiplicity of descriptions, explanations, theories that fit those
    > facts. And those descriptions, explanations, and theories are memetic.


    > That fact would not have occurred
    > without the idea.

    No. The fact was there all along. The fact that no-one achieved escape
    velocity might have been dependent upon some idea of escape velocity,
    but this did not precede the fact that there was a velocity required to
    escape. That velocity never appeared just because someone thought about

    Of course, there is a cosmology that requires the thought of God to
    start the whole shebang....

    And then there's Bishop Berkeley.

    And I suppose there's Plato, too.

    None of which deal with facts....

    - Wade

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