Re: Thoughts and Perceptions

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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 15:09:18 BST

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    > Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 06:51:45 -0400
    > From: Joachim Maier <>
    > Now I read just a couple of weeks ago that 2 scientific teams not only
    > slowed light down, but completely stopped light, and after a while released
    > it again.

    If I remember correctly, (and it is likely I don't) the effect was a
    change in the medium. And to add this to my point I was making about
    the importance of detail, the issue here was that light travels at the
    same speed in a vacuum. It changes speed in a different medium like
    fiber-optics. I thought (and again, I may be wrong here) that the
    experiment focused had the response of changing the medium itself
    which caused the slow-down at stoppage of light... where reversing the
    change cause the light to speed up again. Now, I may remember this
    from reading an article that had a different viewpoint of the results
    of the experiment, but again, I want to be careful because I'm unsure.

    > They seemed to have changed a fact into a concept, and back into a fact. :)

    Sounds like they changed the concept into a fact and back again. :-)

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