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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 08:15:10 BST

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    >Are you thinking of "sharia" or Islamic law? Shi'a are one of the two main
    >streams of Islam, the other being the Sunni. This division goes way back,
    >but I be darned if I know the details.
    >What I know of Islam could fit on a postage stamp.
    Yes, that's probably it. I just couldn't remember the right name in the
    heat of the moment. But it's the kind of law that leads Jews and
    Palestinians to play "an eye for an eye" and proclaim that God sent them to
    Israel two thousand years ago and they therefore have a right to govern it
    now. Under that kind of thinking, the Italians should rule the whole
    mediteranean. I don't think the law as it was handed to Moses is any better
    for today's world than the law that was handed down by Mohamed. I don't
    know much of either law, but I can see the effects of the kind of thinking
    it produces. I don't see how we can go back in time and recreate the world
    as it existed then. We need laws now that take a global economy into
    consideration and can deal with creating a stewardship of the world we've

    We need laws that settle conflicts with logic rather than guns and bombs and
    airplanes and tanks. But if neither side will accept any law but their own,
    then a pox on both their houses is what I say. And, yes, the U.S. is in the
    same league when they refuse to accept international law as pertaining to
    them but want everyone else to abide by it. Why we think we can be the only
    truly sovereign nation in the world is beyond me. It must come with the
    hubris if being the only super power left.


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