RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 07:44:49 BST

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    >The people who are preaching "it" DON'T call it 'shia'. Please look at
    >Armstrong's book, or look up "shi'i" in an encyclopedia, or do something to
    >find out what shi'ism is. It has nothing to do with the "it" that you are
    >so worried about.
    >As to "them," they are aren't out to kill us; they are out to get our
    >attention. Unfortunately, all too many people in this country have yet to
    >learn what it is we are supposed to be paying attention to...
    Whatever they call the new doctrine, I've seen examples of how people are
    enforcing it on television and in the newspapers. I've also seen an example
    of it in New York in the financial section. Yes, that got my attention.
    Now I wonder what the people who got it want to do with it. And how is
    getting my attention going to change anything or help them in any way? One
    more attention getter like that and I'll be ready to back George Bush. Is
    that what they want?


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