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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 04:53:56 BST

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    > Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 23:11:21 -0400
    > From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
    > I derive my own usage (which does not in any vital way differ from the
    > Merriam Webster that I posted) from the following quote from Washburn-
    > "Every fact is backed up by the entire universe."
    > You cannot replace 'fact' with 'concept' or 'representation' or
    > 'description' and get a meaningful sentence.

    Ok... help me here. Is it a fact that the Earth is round? Is it a
    fact that when I toss something in the air, due to gravity, the item
    falls to the Earth in a vector directly influenced by the center of
    the Earth itself? Being that the item falls directly towards the
    center of the Earth, being stopped at the floor, but torwards the
    center of the Earth and not towards, say an edge away from the center
    of the Earth. Do these two facts become backed up by the entire
    universe, or my representation of this universe from where I speak of?

    Is it not the case that the Earth is also 'falling' directly towards
    the object that I had tossed as Einstein had stated was an equal model
    due to relativity of the observer? Is it not the case that the earth
    is 'mostly round' but not specifically a sphere? Which fact is
    correct? And being that the Earth is 'mostly round' then the object
    that may be falling towards the Earth is in fact falling not towards
    the exact center, but slightly off-center? (At what point does my
    lack of detail about the fact render the 'fact' impotent?)

    For me, personally as opposed to generally, facts are quite relative.
    It is a fact for me that astrology is bunk. It is a fact to one of my
    co-workers that astrology governs what we do. It is a fact for both
    of us that we are impacted by gravity in the same way, though our
    descriptions of this fact is influenced by our understanding of
    astrology. Using your words, the fact doesn't change. But our
    perception does. Pay mind that I'm particularly interested in what we
    (humans) call 'facts' because it shows what memes impacted us. Forget
    not that science is infiltrated by memes as much as other subjects;
    that our perception that science has a 'self-cleaning' feature to
    remove 'bogus' ideas is subject to time and energy, just like
    everything else.

    > And that's a fact. (5 : a piece of information presented as having
    > objective reality)

    Rapture! This is, in fact, the 'fact' I was looking for. "A piece of
    information presented as having objective reality"! We are blinded by
    the facts of the universe by our presentation of this objective reality
    contained within the universe.

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