RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

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Date: Thu Apr 18 2002 - 00:26:24 BST

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    >Grrrr... Your point was about the society/people as a whole. My comment
    >about the incidence within a larger population of a non-representative
    >subset of people.
    >Two entirely different matters.
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    > > >Yemen, or the Arab or Muslim countries who view the US as an enemy due
    > > >our support for Israel, and will take action based on this enmity, your
    > > >point is, of course, entirely correct. But, then, that is not what
    > > >was
    > > >asserting.
    > > >
    > > >Lawrence
    > > >
    > > Actually, yes, it was.
    > >
    > > Grant
    Where in my post did I say "all" muslims? I just said people in those
    countries. Some of them included people in the U.S. -- one named "Walker"
    for example. There is no statement I can make about any country or people
    that includes "all the people." I won't pretend that it does. I would
    appreciate it of others wouldn't, either. I don't know why I should have to
    spell that out each time I mention a country or the people in it. Let me
    say once and for all: Not everyone in Ireland hates the English; not
    everyone in Serbia hates the Kosovars; and not everyone in Israel hates the
    palestinians. That's a given. It shouldn't have to be restated in every
    message sent.



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