Re: media violence report in Science

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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 20:43:47 BST

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    Subject: Re: media violence report in Science
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    Subject: Re: media violence report in Science

    Just a comment,

    Why is, like Vincent points out the alleged increase in TV- related crimes,
    only be confined to the US and not Europe !?
    Maybe there is an increase, there is an alleged increase of people feeling
    insecure,... but do we make a fuss about it !?
    No ! What than, not enough investigations !? No, IMO, just the opposite,
    because in the US, they try too mush... it is overkill !

    IMO, in the US they try to proove something what within the public is
    taking for granted, but which has no fundamental bias.
    Like I said, in Europe people are suffering ( and that is what it is IMO)
    from increased most likely irritable feelings of uncertainty/ anger/
    unsafety/ frustration/... has therefor society as a whole and as such become
    more unsafe !? Some say, it has !
    There is no proof whatsoever to conclude such an assumption.
    Why than such feelings !?

    IMO, because certain aspects of the " new created society " ( multicul-
    tural) are strange ( and counter the ambitions of our own) to us and our
    memetical immunesystem reacts accordingly_ what in a sense can be
    explained biologically.
    Also, IMO still what plays a role, is the human condition as such. We
    don 't know anymore who and what we are, have lost our selfrespect,
    selfesteem, our identity, we lost symbolic associations.
    Nationality, gender, race, sex, class, tribe, group,... are, has to be, as
    seems to be, of no importance, but that doesn 't work as some politicians
    think it should be.

    Those thigs are still fundamental, they are internalized, still hard facts
    which just can 't be disregarded, they still need detailed and careful
    In that respect, it can be that some fundamental, inbedded selection
    mechanisms are disregarded/ inhibit and so prevent,.. upset an/ the
    equilibrium which exist_ violence, seen as a mechanism to fight with
    for example a dominant other is now restrained, because we don 't
    have to ' fight ' nomore, in a sense we do, I know.

    Rapports that violence on TV promotes violence in the public upsets
    thus the biological equilibrium which registers on the one hand the
    potential killing of the other ( threat) and on the other hand, the social
    inhibited environment who discreases the former by law and order.
    Rapports, thus upset a very neat balance within.

    Such a scheme can turn into disaster if, like the Jews, like Israel, or
    the US for that matter justifies that the principle of equality don 't
    applies to them. That they institutionalize the system by which we
    divide people ( sex/ race, nation,...). Israel institutionalize its being
    Jewish, the US institutionalize the notion that they are the executioner
    of the world. And maybe, maybe, maybe that is found back, in some
    sense in the rapports revealed to us.



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