RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

From: Steve Drew (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 20:02:25 BST

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    Hi Grant

    > Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 19:31:38 -0700
    > From: "Grant Callaghan" <>
    > Subject: RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

    > High tech will provide the same kind of solution in the rest of the muslim
    > countries it provided in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Saddam's still there because of high tech. The only way to get him is go in
    on the ground.
    Afghanistan fell to the foot soldiers not the airforce. The airforce opened
    the opportunity, which the opposition might have used. In this case they
    did, but things could have been otherwise.
    > Sadam blew the oil wells in
    > Kuwait and they were back up and running in less than a year. That's just a
    > blip in the world timeline. If the Arabs refuse to sell us oil, the west
    > will just march in and take over the oil wells on some pretext or other. If
    > there's all-out war, we'll just drive them back away from the oil and dare
    > them to do anything about it. Meanwhile, the Russians and South and Central
    > Americans will continue to supply the West with oil while we convert to
    > hydrogen fule cells.

    I admire your optimism! :-) The alternatives to the arab oil would not make
    much difference to the amount the west needs IMO. Secondly how much is
    > A war with the West is not a war the muslims can win. Strapping bombs to
    > their backs and marching on the West will only cause a relatively small
    > amount of damage in the long run. 9/11 took us by surprise. That won't
    > happen again. And what's happening in Israel will keep us wary until it
    > stops. In reality, the Arabs and other muslim nations have nothing to fight
    > with. In his taped interview this week, bin Laden gave all the credit for
    > 9/11 to God. That's the sum total of their war effort. They depend on God
    > to come and save them, even as they commit mass suicide. They are neither
    > rational nor effective. All they can do is raise hell for a while. That
    > doesn't win wars.

    Never said they would win. I am more concerned about the cost to us.
    > Unless they can convert us all to Islam, I don't see the muslims having a
    > chance of taking over the world. They can't even organize their own
    > countries into places worth living in. Show me a muslim country that's not
    > at war with itself. A country where the people are happy with the way
    > they're being governed. A muslim country where the people are not dreaming
    > about killing each other or someone else. I don't know of one. Do you?

    They appear to be doing very well in converting the poor and disaffected in
    the world, including the US and UK. Mind you the west's history of rule by
    religion made a lot of people very unhappy!
    Can't say I know of a muslim country that would be nice to live in.
    > Cheers,
    > Grant


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