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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 16:23:02 BST

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    >Given Grant's original definition, I'm surprised he didn't list our Israeli
    >friends at the top. Or perhaps he was just interested in bashing Muslims?
    > > I read you as implying that it was a national pasttime to "dream of
    > > killing each other or someone else". On that interpretation, the
    > > countries
    > > listed are pretty much moderate. But on the interpretation you give
    > > the US and a whole lot of "western" (ie, Christian) countries come up as
    > > pretty bloodthirsty places to be as well, so perhaps you'd like to
    > > the way you set the criteria.
    > > --
    > > John S Wilkins
    > > Head, Communication Services
    > > The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
    > > Parkville, Victoria, Australia
    > >
    If I hadn't been talking about muslim countries, I would have put them at
    the top. They are committing the same sin in my opinion as the muslims.
    They are trying to impose their own system on people who don't want to live
    under it. The United States under the Bush administration seems to be
    leaning in that direction, also.

    In times past I have talked extensively about countries in the West and why
    they seek to kill each other -- how the Christians have the bloodiest
    history in the world today. It's only when I mention the Middle East that
    it seems to bother people. In fact, anything that touches on semites seems
    to raise fears and defenses.

    Well, in today's world, that's where the action is. You can't talk about
    what's happening now without mentioning them. Funny, though, that I didn't
    hear any objections when I mentioned the wars between the English and the
    Irish. Or the Serbs and the Croats. Or the Serbs and the Kosovars. Why
    is that, do you think?



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