RE: Thoughts and Perceptions

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 16:42:20 BST

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    >From: "Lawrence DeBivort" <>
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    >Subject: RE: Thoughts and Perceptions
    >Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 07:26:00 -0400
    >Good morning,
    >In the light of Grant's recent attempts to trash Muslims, and his cheerful
    >assertions about al-Qaida (knowledge that seems even to elude our
    >government), I would have to say that Grant DOES believe that "People crete
    >facts." How handy.
    A fact is a statement about something. Who else besides people make
    statements? The term "fact" refers to the statement's relative truth or
    falsity. Since many of the statements we call facts are contested in
    scientific journals, there must be some question about them.

    So, yes, I do believe that people create facts and that some such statements
    are more believable than others. You, on the other hand, may define a fact
    differently than I do. You may feel that only statements that are
    uncontestable are facts. But the fact remains that even these statements
    are created by people and the words used to frame them can often be
    contested. Most such statements contain the truth, but not the whole truth.
      A bit of the truth can be just as deceiving as none at all. Disproving
    statements of "fact" is a common pastime in our society.



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