RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

From: Grant Callaghan (
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 16:06:25 BST

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    >Good morning, Grant
    >Please read your own questiont. First you talked about 'the people,' now
    >you merely give instances of [some] people, and attribute to these the
    >larger proposition. Talk about stereotyped generalization!
    >By your own redefinition of your question, you would have to include the
    >UK, France, Mexico, Japan, Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Serbia, etc.
    >as countryies lacking a "contented and peaceful people." So what is your
    >point, then? Other than to express anti-semiticism and bash Muslims?
    >Yes, I do imagine we live in different worlds, and read different things. I
    >read books, I actually study issues before shooting my mouth off.
    >Grant, have you ever travelled to the Muslim world? If so, for how long?
    >Ever lived in a Muslim country? Have you ever read a book about the Muslim
    >world (and I don't mean one of those flashy trash books that were hurried
    >the book stands post Sept. 11)? If so, please tell us. If so, a quiz will
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    > > > > Grant Callaghan:
    > > > > A muslim country where the people are
    > > > > not dreaming
    > > > > about killing each other or someone else. I don't know of
    > > one. Do you?
    > > >
    > > >
    > > >Kuwait. Yemen. Tunisia. Morocco. Syria. Turkey. Jordan. Saudi
    > > Arabia. Oman.
    > > >Uinted Arab Emirates. Libya. Egypt.
    > > >
    > > Obviously we read different newspapers. The 9/11 terrorists and a
    > > number of the Al Quaeda are from Saudi Arabia. Egypt harbors many
    > > who have committed numerous murders in the name of Allah. Turkey has
    > > Kurds. Jordan has the Palestinians. Wasn't it in Yemen that the
    > > U.S. lost
    > > a ship? All of the places you mentioned are in the midst of turmoil and
    > > have people trying to kill each other or trying to kill others
    > > for religious
    > > reasons. Kuwait, maybe, although you could say they were recently at
    > > with Iraq. They certainly don't harbor any good will toward
    > > Sadam Hussein.
    > > And before the invasion there was a bit of discontent among the people.
    > > Saudi Arabia also harbors people who killed a goodly number of
    > > Americans who
    > > were protecting the ruling families. I can't really say you've made
    > > point here. A large number of Saudis living in England fled
    > > there to escape
    > > harsh treatment by their government. And Lybia -- considering
    > > the amount of
    > > mischief it does in the world and the countries around it, you've
    > > got to be
    > > kidding.
    > >
    > > If those are your idea of contented and peaceful people, we live in
    > > different worlds.
    > >
    > > Cheers,
    > >
    > > Grant
    > >
    > >
    I do tend to argue out of ignorance, but what I see going on in those
    countries is available in the newspapers for all to see. Explain to me how
    government under the Koran works. Is that a good foundation for running a
    modern country?

    I have stayed out of muslim countries for the same reason that so many
    muslims have left their countries. I don't want to deal with a system that
    commits mayhem on people for what I consider slight offenses. Until
    recently, I stayed out of China for the same reason. That doesn't keep me
    from knowing what's going on in China, though. My predictions about what
    would happen there, when bet against those of the CIA, left me with no doubt
    my knowledge was founded on better observations than theirs. What I
    predicted would happen, happened. What they predicted, didn't.

    As for shooting my mouth off, that's par for the course on a forum like
    this. I have always claimed my opinions are based on my own world view. I
    don't expect my view to be the same as everyone elses. I don't, however,
    see that as a reason to not stand behind what I believe. For the most part
    I see few others here with any clearer view of the truth than my own foggy
    vision. That doesn't keep them from shooting from the lip, just as I do.

    It's not semites I'm against, anyway. It's people who want to govern others
    with edicts from the dark ages. It just happens that more semites are
    engaged in that behavior right now than most other cultures. That's an
    accident of time and place rather than a racial trait. The past and the
    future seem to be at war with each other. I happen to favor the future and
    the hope it offers. Those who don't will have to make their own choices and
    live with the consequences, just as I will.



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