Re: Bush's War on Terrorism

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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 15:29:46 BST

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    >On Wednesday, April 17, 2002, at 02:34 PM, Grant Callaghan wrote:
    >>Malaysia is in the midst of an attempt by the muslim clergy to take over
    >>the government and they harbor a large number of al qaeda who recently
    >>fought bravely in Afghanistan. Singapore seceded from Malaysia because
    >>of the anti-Chinese sentiment of the Malaysians.
    >Oh Malaysia is an apartheid society alright, but that is not what is at
    >issue here. As a democratic country (moreso than many countries at any
    >rate) they are ruled by rule of law. The government of Mahatir Mohammed is
    >not in favour of harbouring al-Quaeda or any terrorists, and at the recent
    >Islamic summit, he tried to get a resolution adopted decrying terrorism
    >and condemning those who take part in it. As much as an Australian is
    >honour-bound to dislike Mahatir, it is unfair to lump him in with the
    >Taliban or Saudis just because he shares a religion with them.
    >And there are a number of American Christian clergy who work towards a
    >theocratic state ; not to mention the occasional nutcase in Australia,
    >Canada, the UK and Europe...
    >>Brunei, on the other hand, I haven't heard much about. Maybe they are
    >>peaceful and content with their government. That's a very small portion
    >>of the muslim population, though.
    I give Mahatir credit for trying to maintain a secular government in the
    face of pressure by the mullas. I just hope he can continue to do it.
    Fanaticism seems to be gaining ground these days.



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