RE: Bush's War on Terrorism

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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 07:30:44 BST

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    Subject: RE: Bush's War on Terrorism
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    >From: "Lawrence DeBivort" <>
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    >Subject: RE: Bush's War on Terrorism
    >Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 23:04:38 -0400
    > > Grant Callaghan:
    > > A muslim country where the people are
    > > not dreaming
    > > about killing each other or someone else. I don't know of one. Do you?
    >Kuwait. Yemen. Tunisia. Morocco. Syria. Turkey. Jordan. Saudi Arabia. Oman.
    >Uinted Arab Emirates. Libya. Egypt.
    I'll grant that Jordan and Egypt (gov't not the radical Islamists in their
    midsts) are somewhat moderate, at least until the obstinate Sharon totally
    ticks them off beyond the point of no return, but I have a hard time
    believing that there's an insignificant number of people in Syria that dream
    of killing Israelis. If I were to walk around Syria wearing a "Hello y'all
    I'm from the US" t-shirt, how long would I survive?

    And within the Arab countries how many of the radical Islamists long to rid
    themselves of the secular Arab scourge? If Fatah and Hamas were to succeed
    in destroying Israel, how long before they would be battling each other to
    the death?

    And as I think Grant brought up about Yemen...what about the U.S.S. Cole
    incident? Somebody must've been dreaming up something for that to happen.
    How far did "Terms of Engagement" miss the mark. Oh, I forgot...blame U.S.
    is the theme of the day.

    Your pastel water colors are starting to run.

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