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From: Steve Drew (
Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 22:53:17 BST

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    Hi All,

    Here is my two penn'th worth.

    To investigate the pro's and con's of the effects of violence in the media
    on people is difficult if not impossible at the moment. After all we spend
    the day subjected to a bombardment of media images. No one here would
    disagree with that statement I presume? So any kind of isolationist expt is
    not really feasible (if it is to be ethical!).

    So lets look at anecdotal evidence. Fair enough, it does not satisfy
    scientific criteria, but it could be all that is available till science
    becomes more able to describe society.

    Now, how many on this list dispute that ideas and advertising have an
    effect on people?

    How many parents in the West dread the the annual Xmas advertising for kids
    toys etc. Never watched a film that doesn't make you laugh or cry? The
    saddest film I ever saw was Highlander.

    So we can laugh at the tv, be sad, be disgusted (A porno film on while your
    kids are able to watch?), be happy, be transported to a fantasy dream world?
    All of these can affect your emotional state except violence on tv?

    May not be science but as far as I am concerned the boot is on the other
    foot, unless of course we move to a system of drugs testing that assumes the
    drugs are safe until proven different. Any one want to volunteer on that

    I am not in favour of censorship of any kind btw. The responsibility lies
    with the parents and the individual.

    Saying unicorns don't exist 'cos you have not seen one is no more scientific
    than me saying that I have but the photo's didn't turn out!

    Advertising does influence people, including me. If advertising influences
    others the same way as me then so too should tv in general, and I consider
    that I have built up an immunity to it to some extent.

    My thoughts on this are that tv and visual media do have some influence or
    would people on the list explain why fans of star trek have constructed a
    klingon language if the program had no influence. It is no good saying they
    are ill btw, as that is still influence.

    I think the effects of the media are real, but the level of influence could
    be too difficult to measure at the moment, particularly as the effects are
    going to differ from person to person according to there life history.

    As I say, annecdotal, but counter arguments are most welcome. Abuse without
    reason save for something else.




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