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Date: Mon Apr 15 2002 - 18:03:45 BST

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    > >
    > Besides society does instruct us, outside of the media, that
    >violence is a legitimate means to resolve conflict and deal with
    >from the death sentence, to nightsticks and tasers, to military responses
    >terrorism, to smacking etc. etc. If we want the media to convey socially
    >responsible messages, best make all other parts of society do it also.
    >people see revenge as justice after all.
    > Vincent
    Unfortunate but true, Vincent. It's what I had to spend years undoing, even
    in my own life. I spent 20 years in the military and studied martial arts
    in Taiwan before I realized that most of what I was studying was the wrong
    answer to just about every problem it was applied to. It was only when I
    ran into the Transactional Analysis of Eric Berne that I realized there was
    only one rational solution to any transaction and that was the win-win
    solution. The rest is all insanity. Countries and large groups of society,
    however, are like children who haven't learned the lessons of civilized
    behavior yet. Countries and groups take things just because they are big
    enough to do it and feel like they can get away with it. They think in
    terms of "I win, you lose." The games we play also teach us this. Every
    game we play we play to win. That has become the objective and sole reason
    for playing the game. But a game is a tool for learning certain skills and
    ways of thinking about things. The reward should lie in what we learn
    rather than in who beats whom. Don't try to get a job as a coach with that
    attitude, though.



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