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    > the variety of vocalisation we can make, and other primate species
    > cannot,

    Interesting. I would have perhaps said just the opposite, that we are
    not that different, nor others as limited, as we might think.

    Has there really been a study of the disparity and the greater range of
    vocalizations possible in homo sapiens, compared with, for example, some
    of the gibbons?

    - - Wade>


    That is what Elaine M claims in The AA Hypothesis. The evidence I have seen (limited to documentaries about the people teaching other
    primates to communicate) is that the limit (including gibbons) is vocalisation. As I recall some have developed greater range of expression
    using cards and symbols.

    And BTW yes Vincent it is an example of the cooling fins to wings argument. Bigger brains, and birth difficulties, in this line of
    reasoning, came along later as the language / brain size feedback loop kicked in for some fairly obvious reasons.


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