Re: Thoughts and Perceptions

From: Kenneth Van Oost (
Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 17:10:51 BST

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    From: Vincent Campbell <>
    > That doesn't mean that humans are free from inherent biases, exactly the
    > opposite, but what it does mean is that at least some of our inherent
    > have utility. Being able to distinguish between nice and nasty foods,
    > and dangerous animals etc. etc. are useful. And we are able to utilise
    > these tendencies socially for both good and ill. And trying to
    > "de-programme" ourselves from some of the most dominant, and demonstrable,
    > categories seems to me to be burying one's head in the sand (akin to
    > Thatcher's famous claim 'there is no such thing as society').

    Hi Vincent,

    I must heavily refute the notion that you can 't de- progamme yourself !
    That is, IMO not true ! You can and you must in a way to make memes
    yours. Your head is, still completely full with memes of conformity, terri-
    toy, land, nation and other dominant categories.

    We must, in a sense obey the will to believe, we mustn 't neglect such
    a fact, it has to examined, but such thing can 't be changed in a wimp, I
    know that, but such way of thinking is due to Platonism, what says that
    everything is there fixed and forever. That ain 't the truth !

    Due to such a way of thinking, man feels himself ' reduced ', his self-
    respect is less than zero and the situation he is in is inevitable, but that
    ain 't the truth either !

    " How should man find a better place for himself if for example the
    evolutiontheory spoils the game !? "

    Where thus, in a sense Lamarckism, in the sense of being creativity,
    can be some kind of solution, mankind plunge into the pre- supposition
    that everyhing is controlable, thus so evolution, but we don 't do this
    to become ' better ', but to take away the uncertainty of the Self.
    We replace the lack of selfrespect by taking away ' accidently '
    biological causes, where only a self- building by memes- scheme can be
    the boon and blessing for everybody.

    We lack instincts, that due to conformism, in my sense we are ' Dar-
    winised '. In Nietzsches terms, Auto- therapy, a process wherein man
    looses the knots of survived forms/ connections and value- aspects.
    Be yourself !



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