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    Subject: Re: memetics-digest V1 #1008

    > Hi Steve, Grant,
    > > >I think you have made a good point here Grant. Each of us knows what we
    > > >mean
    > > >ourselves. The problem arises in conveying that meaning to another. If
    > the
    > > >above quote seems reasonable, it folows that we build our own life
    > > >vocabulary as each of us occupies our own 'environment' as we learn,
    > which
    > > >itself is a life long process. So to convey our meanings in an
    > we
    > > >have to explain our terminology, context, and negotiate an acceptable
    > > >agreement on the communication that is taking place.
    > > >To me that could be more of a barrier to memetics than the size of a
    > meme.
    > > >
    > > >It may be that the size of a meme may be dependent on the context we
    > > >looking at. Comparing with physics say, a car crash can be described
    > pretty
    > > >accurateley without reference to QM or Relativistic Mechanics. The same
    > > >doesn't work too well in a particle interaction, such as the single
    > > >expt.
    > << A meme importance is not dependent on the context alone, also the
    > way we express it has its benefits. It is all related to the context, I
    > agree
    > completely but saying something in a hard, gently way where that is in-
    > approiate has its consequences.
    > We had a thread about architecture some time ago, wherein the authers
    > had something to say about ' incapsulated ' memes.
    > Such memes ( drive- along- memes I call them) are context based.
    > In my schemata a memetic system has three criteria,
    > the meme- core ( or like in genetics the nucleus of the cell), the meme
    > its fecundity ( what makes the meme survive, what protects it from harm)
    > and the meme its longevity ( with what the meme is connected_ co- memes/
    > symmemes).
    > The most important aspect, IMO is the third one, the meme its longevity,
    > what is connected as mere as webs of association, the context, its mea-
    > ning structure, what can be translated as those fundamental characters of
    > belief.
    > They have a great tendency to be transmitted_ their fitness is somehow
    > attractive to the meme- core.
    > " Undue any meme of its rich information content/ context and you will
    > get the ' meme- core ', in a broader sense the memetype. "
    > Quantity will become quality !
    > In the same article I found this, it seems that in architecture the lowest
    > of the information treshold is the one that gets propagated.
    > In what sense is than ' context ' important !?
    > Regards,
    > Kenneth

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