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Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 09:31:21 BST

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    > We are just doing a series if books at work for the general nostalgia (old
    > photo's) market, and I have been having a glance through them. People can
    > conditioned to accept their lot and work through fear of the consequences
    > not doing well. It struck me because in the pre-WWII social assistance was
    > still rudimentary, and so this fear was understandable. However, even
    > the consequences of job loss can be bleak, so they may be conforming,
    > than playing unknowingly to their stereotype.

    Hi Steve,

    Hm, you mean I suppose, that they act ' lazy ' to keep their job !?
    They do their job well by being lazy and they hope that in that way they
    will keep their employment !? They are ' good ' in being lazy !?

    Yes, I see your point, but I think, that ain 't a general picture, though !
    Lazy or not, they still have to follow my working- rhythm, there are still
    rates of achievement needed, theirs and mine !
    The lazy bumb will be squeezed out, and loose his/ her job if he/ she
    can 't follow, or is to lazy to follow...
    In the end, he/ she will loose his/ her unemployment benefit if he/ she
    can 't hold any job, because of his/ hers lazyness !
    It 's a hard world !

    So, in a way, they will ( and I) will be better of, if they/ I can exploit
    their lazyness, transforming it, so to speak in something positive, con-
    structive, in something of importance. It is maybe better to let a lazy one
    get the work done than to give it to a more active one, who in and by
    his ' speed ' will make mistakes !?
    There are certain characteristical aspects attached to the work which
    need detailted attention.

    It boils down to the fact that who gets the work done is not important
    but the how you organise it ( and in the end which result you get) is !



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