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    Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:34:26 +0100
    From: "Price, Ilfryn" <I.Price@shu.ac.uk>
    Subject: Re Grammar

    Richard and someone

    <<I have begun to wonder if grammar developed because there is simply no other
    way to convey meaningful information.>>

    See Dennett's idea of "Good Tricks" in _Darwin's Dangerous Idea_. >

    Hard to see selection for Grammar before Language. So why language? Neatest
    idea I have seen is Elaine Morgan's. Its a by-product of
    developing a breathing system that allows diving.


    <<<<How about selection for increased memory and sorting of data from senses.
    Grammar, a simple grammar of course, is required for meaningful information to
    exist....first you must believe (or perceive)the existence of a thing or
    things and then believe (or perceive) that they can influence each
    other...bingo a sentence. Now all you have to is learn to speak>>>>>

    I think I might be someone, but I've written alot of stuff and that sounds
    like something I would say,


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