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Date: Thu Apr 11 2002 - 19:56:29 BST

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    From: Grant Callaghan <>
    > We have a new meme going around over here in the U.S. called suicide by
    > People who, for any number of reasons, decided they want to end their
    > lives and go out in a blaze of publicicy, walk out in front of a group of
    > policemen waving a gun and stand there grinning when told to put it down.
    > Seconds later they are dead. Who is there to blame for their actions but
    > themselves?

    Hi Grant,

    I agree up to the point that we also can say, that if a guy is ' forced ' to
    end his life in such a way, that there is something wrong with the society
    he lives in.

    " Such things, [ like suicide by cop ] or like prostitution/ abortion etc
    to stick around in any order/ set- up, universal or socially if the former
    makes it necessary that people living within that order are forced to grasp
    for such !
    That says a lot about the community though ! This is the image of the
    ' hate- able ' society_ one who likes it more to sacrifice its children
    in the suicide by cop example) than to dispose of its conformity.
    To keep up the so- called social standards, any community will resist
    any attempt to allow suicide as being a proper way of dieing ( except
    Japan that is). "

    Louis- Ferdinand CÚline

    What in a sense Noam Chomsky tries to explain when he writes about
    the extreme right- winged, armed movements in the US....



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