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    From: Wade T.Smith <>
    > On Sunday, April 7, 2002, at 04:33 , Jarmo Pystynen wrote:
    > > "Have you ever realized that in the perfect state of observation you,
    > > the observer, you the thinker, the center cease to exist?"
    > And I wrote not three days ago, to another, a concerningly similar-
    > "The true act of observation is done in silence- no thoughts impede- it
    > is a totally receptive state. And, within this state, what flows in the
    > mind, and what processes congeal and form to bring sense to this
    > silence, is the creative process, and, it works as well upon the field
    > of science (and as validly) as it does upon the field of art and poetry,
    > each with their own tools and experiences and cultures and technologies
    > and practitioners and traditions. But it is where one takes the fruits
    > of this silence that determines what is to be next- science or poetry.
    > Facts or feelings."

    Hi all,

    I say,

    In the beginning there was the word !
    No !! In the beginning there was the emotion !

    Words are just recent phenomenons, they replace the emotion, like the
    trot replaced the gallop, while the gallop is the natural way of the horse.
    People learn it to trot. [ They] removed people from the emotional poetry
    by letting him reason, that is to say, by letting him chatter, isn 't it !?

    Louis- Ferdinand CÚline

    A lovely way to describe what ' memes ' actually do, don 't you think !?



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