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    On 04/09/02 22:20, Scott Chase said this-

    >I thought the creative event would precipitate from within, where
    >"unconcious" elements that have been fermenting combine and bubble to the
    >surface in a somewhat syncretic manner

    Yes. _If allowed to_ by the release of pre-conceptions.

    >[Jung] creativity is
    >nothing more than novel juxtaposition of old material pulled from elsewhere

    Insipid little theory.

    >that was quite a creative
    >flash which came from within the noggin.

    Man is the measure of all things. But, yes, the 'flash' does not happen
    unless attention is _not_ on the matter at hand.

    Creativity, and the creative act, are, IMHO, the most interesting facet
    of the mind, and of the human. Also, perhaps, the most complex, and thus,
    the least likely to be simply described, and I do not wish to make it any
    simpler than it is.

    - Wade

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