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    > Seeing individuals as the sole focus of behaviour ignores the fact
    >that decisions about the acceptability of behaviour is based on
    >decision making processes. If you have a society in which gun ownership is
    >seen as a fundamental right then gun related deaths will follow. Social
    >context is vital for individual decision making processes. Hence, for
    >example, the suicide contagion proponents like Paul Marsden make the case
    >for a relationship between high profile acts of suicide providing a
    >legitimate context for potential sucide committers to also do it.
    > Vincent
    One more thing came up after I had written this. I heard that Sadam Hussein
    was contributing $25,000 to the family of anyone who performed a suicide
    bombing. In a place where one side (the Jews) are fully employed and can
    live semi-rational lives and the other side are slowly starving to death
    from the lack of a way to make a living, the offer of that kind of money to
    one's family is more than enough incentive to end the slow death and go out
    in a flash of glory that will provide for one's family. In an interview of
    a young boy who had volunteered to carry out a bombing about a year ago, he
    mentioned that his primary reason was that there was nothing else to do in
    Palestine and no hope of ever doing or becoming anything better.
    Hopelessness and no future to look forward to makes ending it now look
    better every day to the Palestinians. Their only question is how to end it.
      Sharon obviously doesn't feel responsible for the suicide bombings, but he
    has as much to do with them as Saddam Hussein or Arafat. The means he is
    using has produced the ends he is getting. And this applies to all of the
    leaders of Israel and Palestine.


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