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    > Hi,
    > Can I suggest a raised eyebrow (a la Spock) for perplexed rather than the
    > slanted mouth? Something like:
    > `:-|
    > Otherwise interesting discussion guys. I think you're arguing at cross
    > purposes a bit though. I think Wade's right that there are features of
    > our perceptions that are not subject to the biases of conscious thought-
    > at the point of perception, but (and I think Wade agrees with this also)
    > that generally intepretations of our perceptions are biased. I'm reminded
    > of a discussion ages ago where we were talking about instinctual
    > behaviours and conscious thought. I gave the example of someone catching
    > a ball- the motion of the arm being an unconscious process- but someone, I
    > forget who, pointed out that one would think about whether catching or
    > ducking or some other response was needed. So, in that sense perception
    > is the seeing the thing coming towards you, interpretation follows (but is
    > also based on prior knowledge, experience, and context- so if I was
    > playing baseball I'd be thinking 'catch it!').
    > Watching the baseball at the weekend (A's at Seattle was on Channel 5) the
    > commentators were talking about how major league batters appear to have
    > more time to spot the spin and direction of the ball than normal people
    > (I've seen this demonstrated with racing drivers- their points of focus
    > and reactions to what they see are quicker than the typical driver).
    > Several comments can be made here 1) we can observe and measure the speed
    > of a pitch using instruments, 2) the speed of the pitch is the same
    > whoever's watching it, but 3) different people will experience that speed
    > differently. If the Big Unit, for example, was pitching at me, I think I
    > would be very very frightened and probably not even get to swing the bat
    > before the ball is in the catcher's mitt, whereas any of the Mets'
    > fantastic team would obviously have the 'time' to knock it out of the
    > park, 'seeing' the ball for longer etc. etc.
    > I'm sure that's a totally wrong usage of the word perception, so I'm
    > prepared to be hoist on my own petard...
    > Vincent
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    > >On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 07:30 , Scott Chase wrote:
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    > >>So Wade, "WHAT?" is the crucial question to which you might want to
    > >>give some thought.
    > >
    > >No, 'WHAT?' is the fatal mistake.
    > >
    > >
    > >
    > And I thought 'WHY?' (or ultimate questions) was the fatal mistake :-/ (me
    > perplexed emoticon)
    > Nice sidestep though, even if you accidently knocked over the punchbowl
    > and
    > DJ's turntable in the process.
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