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    >On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 10:37 , Grant Callaghan wrote:
    >>What you are calling seeing, I believe, is perceptions that we pay
    >>attention to. The ones we are "conscious" of.
    >Nope, just the opposite.
    >>Any sudden change in my environment can trigger a refocusing of my
    >And should. Survival mechanism.
    >>We simply choose to ignore one signal in order to pay more attention to
    >No, 'we' don't do any such thing. Our perceptual systems do all of that
    >for us, without our knowledge. 'We' are not our senses.
    >>Perception does not take place in the absence of [categorization].
    >Here's the nit. Of course it does. The stimulus _has_ to precede the
    >response. The perception _has_ to precede any analyzation. The flood of
    >input is constant. Now, granted, the perceptual systems as a processing
    >of this stimulus ignore things that have been determined, through
    >evolution and through experience, as okay to ignore. And, that sudden
    >change is not okay to ignore.
    >Letting this flood of input stream in without control is what I'm
    >talking about- allowing it all to be 'sudden change'- because that is
    >one of the roots of the creative act, removing the filters, for however
    >brief a time (and it _has_ to be brief), to allow for a new focus, a new
    >stream of process, for what is seen, so commonly and usually so blindly,
    >right in front of us.
    >Sight, perception, and then thought. And only the thought stage is ever
    >a conscious process, and it doesn't have to be. When they are all one,
    >- Wade
    When they're all one is when you're not paying attention to them and
    therefore not conscious of them. Eureka? It goes on 24 hours a day, even
    when you're asleep.


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