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    On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 07:30 , Scott Chase wrote:

    > (bq) "My experiment consists of asking you to *observe*, here and now.
    > I hope you are all co-operating, and observing! However, I fear that at
    > least some of you, instead of observing, will feel a strong urge to
    > ask: 'WHAT do you want me to observe?'" (eq)

    This quote directly supports _my_ thesis that proper 'observation' is a
    non-filtered act.

    When you ask 'WHAT?' you are supplying bias, _'instead of observing'_.
    (As it notes above.)

    As for Sherlock, he was often wont to say that people just don't see
    what is in front of them, precisely because of their preconceptions. His
    deductive reasoning was always applied _after_ he absorbed, like a
    hungry sponge, every possible thing he possibly could, precisely
    _because_ he wasn't wondering _WHAT_ he was looking for....


    - Wade

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