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    >From: "Wade T.Smith" <>
    >Subject: Re: memetics-digest V1 #1011
    >Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 18:54:36 -0400
    >On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 06:21 , Scott Chase wrote:
    >>Prior learning could even *enhance* one's ability to make critical
    >Even Sherlock had to see before he could deduce. At what end of this is
    >the enhancement?
    Was he a trained observer? Did he have any general idea of what to look for
    when investigating?
    >>There could be "unconscious" material floating around in your noggin
    >Entering, as sensation, and 'floating around', are two very unique
    Yet said material may be a result of being filtered when processed at the
    various levels such as sensation and conceptualization. BTW when does
    something become an observation?
    >>that may influence observation
    >"Many things stand in the way of knowledge" - if whatever is floating
    >around is _influencing_ observation, then observation is being thwarted.
    >What one thinks about what one sees is, well, not observation. It's
    >analysis. It's measurement. And, as good ole Pythagoras says, get out of
    >the way, please.
    OK lets start from scratch (forgetting the primordial rudiments of how
    theories have been genetically incorporated into sense organs previous to
    your being born). Returning to the quote I earlier posted from Popper's
    _Objective Knowledge_ (p. 259):

    (bq) "My experiment consists of asking you to *observe*, here and now. I
    hope you are all co-operating, and observing! However, I fear that at least
    some of you, instead of observing, will feel a strong urge to ask: 'WHAT do
    you want me to observe?'" (eq)

    So Wade, "WHAT?" is the crucial question to which you might want to give
    some thought.

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