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    On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 02:34 , Scott Chase wrote:

    > Evolution via selection has tuned the receptors and learning
    > has tuned cognition.

    The receptors are just that. There is no 'thought' involved in
    the very perception of light via the eyes. But there is
    'thought' involved in the _focus_ of these same orbs.

    Evolution has created the receptor as well as determined the
    _usage_ of these in normal states.

    But the observations required by the creative process are
    _prior_ to, or outside of, the following preconceptions that
    thought will entwine upon the received data.

    And I am talking about a level of observation that does not
    involve thought in the conscious sense I think you're using it.

    The eureka moment is not pre-conceived, although the work
    preceding it is vast and structured.

    Every description of the creative process I've ever encountered,
    from scientists, artists, cooks, carpenters, ad infinitum, every
    one, without fail, has remarked upon this moment of clear
    reception, or _unconscious_ synthesis, and in very many cases,
    the actual words used are 'I saw this as if I were looking at it
    for the very first time.'

    And it is that 'as if it were the very first time' that I'm
    talking about.

    - Wade

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