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    On Monday, April 8, 2002, at 12:43 , Scott Chase wrote:

    > Kant's assertion that we impose our own laws upon nature

    Man is the measure of all things. But, what is being _measured_
    can be _observed_ without these laws.

    (I think all this piffle about observational filters stems from
    the measuring tools, not the perceptions.)

    Observation is a multifold process, and, condemning it to
    filters at all times is, IMHO, wrong.

    The creative process requires observation, and preconceptions,
    and it also requires being outside of these.

    I prefer to separate the processes of observation, behavior, and
    intention, as well as never denying the problems inherent in
    _all_ perceptive mechanisms.

    I ain't a blank slater, and I don't hold any buckets. I'm not
    even possessed of a socio-biologic bias. I'm a skeptic. Make
    your point, I'll share its argument, until something better
    comes along.

    (Admittedly, at the moment, I think sociobiology makes better points.)

    - Wade

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