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Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 23:55:36 BST

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    Hi Grant

    > Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 07:08:58 -0800
    > From: "Grant Callaghan" <>
    > Subject: Re: Wildebeest !!
    > Why is it that when someone of another culture or religion gives up his life
    > for what he/she believes in, we suspect insanity or manipulation by people
    > with evil motives? Policemen and firemen and soldiers willingly put their
    > lives on the line on a daily basis and no one feels they are being
    > manipulated. I was seventeen when I joined the marines and a year later was
    > sent into battle with dozens if not hundreds of other young men my age. We
    > did it in a spirit of adventure and because that was our job at the time.
    > Nobody forced us or tricked us.

    I understood that it was part of military training. If you were n ot up for
    ity you wound not be there. (And no i'm not denigrating your actions). You
    had accepted the role that was offered to you.

    > We felt we were doing it for the people
    > back home, just as the policeman and the fireman is doing it for his
    > community and his family, should the need arise. Giving ones life for the
    > people and the ideas one believes in is so common you can see examples of it
    > in the newspapers every day.

    very true, Unfortunately it has little to do with the rights or wrongs of
    the situation you are sent to.

    > But if someone of another culture does it, we
    > suspect their motives and try to find evidence of manipulation.

    Not everyone does
    > If you want to find answers, you need go no further from home than the guy
    > on the bomb squad who works at disarming bombs or the nurse in the hospital
    > who comes into contact with infectious diseases in the course of work every
    > day. There are thousands of people in our society who put themselves in
    > harm's way for the good of others simply because it needs to be done and
    > someone must do it.

    Most don't think it, they do it. Pride in doing something no one else can or
    will carries some reproductive Kudos.

    > Even the circus performer knows that a moment of
    > inattention or a hangover can leave him/her crippled or dead.

    Indeed they do. The circus performer says to his audience "look at me, i am
    hot and virile.
    > The Palestinian suicide bomber is no different from any other soldier who
    > offers his/her life in hopes of making a difference.

    Wrong Grant. The soldier hopes to live, but will die if necesary. the
    suicide bomer wants to die, and hopes he will take some with him.

    > They are no different
    > from the Jewish soldier who walks into a hail of bullets in the streets of
    > Palestine. The kids in the street throwing rocks think it is daring or fun
    > until they get hurt. Looking for memes and schemes, in my opinion, is a
    > waste of time and a step in the wrong direction. The reasons are personal
    > and individual.
    > We have a new meme going around over here in the U.S. called suicide by cop.
    > People who, for any number of reasons, decided they want to end their
    > lives and go out in a blaze of publicicy, walk out in front of a group of
    > policemen waving a gun and stand there grinning when told to put it down.
    > Seconds later they are dead. Who is there to blame for their actions but
    > themselves?
    > Grant

    The suicide memeis gaining prevelance as a statement. Do your worst, this is
    my 15 seconds of fame?

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