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    >Hi all,
    >Reading something about altruistic suicide_ somebody kills/ sacrifies him-
    >self for the good and better cause // youngsters kill themselves because
    >they think that without them around things will get better in the
    >I was wondering !
    >What about the fact that if wildebeests/ zebra's have to cross a river,
    >can/ may
    >we ' recognize ' the same characteristic lets say by the first animal that
    >jumps into the water and in most cases will/ can be eaten/ killed by a
    >crocodile !?
    >After all, what is the difference between the act of killing oneself to get
    >things better and killing yourself by jumping first in the river so that
    >group you belong to can/ may cross easier/ savier !? ( If of course my
    >reasoning ends up !!)
    >Of course, and I agree, we can say that it is the wildebeest its instincts
    >that drives it along and the first who gets to the river has no luck_ can
    >forsee a link with the boy who commits suicide in order to take away the
    >tensions that rages in the household !?
    >What makes an animal to go first !? Like we said, instinct !?
    >Ok, but all the beasts does have, I presume an equal characteristic, so
    >in a way, each of them can be the first to jump but only one does it.
    >And yes, we can ackowledge the fact that the one who actually jumps
    >first is forced/ pushed in to it by the group to take the lead, but can we
    >be sure !?
    >If so, how and why !?
    >We had such an discussion before covering why birds go in one direction
    >presumably all together at the same moment in time ( they follow a leader),
    >but in the case of the wildebesst, if it was the leader who goes first,
    >is the gain for the group, left behind without its captain !?
    >I reckon it will all come down to instinct and internal behavioral aspects
    >but I can 't stop wondering how mush such behavior corresponds with what
    >we can observe by a human child.
    >Moreover, thinking about it, by ants the same behavior can be spotted_
    >some dive into the water to make a brigde/ a floating harnas to support
    >others so that those can cross, drowning themselves in the process of
    >doing so !
    >Anyone !?

    Here is evidence from the South China Morning Post that people will resist
    putting their lives in danger if they can see a better way to solve a

    Japan researchers labour to spawn robots

    By the end of the decade, the people who disarm bombs and search for
    survivors after a disaster may no longer need to put their lives on the line
    - a machine, possibly made in Japan, will do the dangerous stuff.


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