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Date: Fri Mar 29 2002 - 05:29:56 GMT

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    Subject: Re: MemeticsFlowers.Org and mailing list
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    >From: "Douglas P. Wilson" <>
    >Subject: Re: MemeticsFlowers.Org and mailing list
    >Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 12:47:03 -0800
    > > You're a little premature. April 1st (A.F.D.) is next Monday.
    >If you go to my various website and follow links to some of my many web
    >pages, I think you will see that I am quite serious about all this and have
    >put a lot of work into it, so though I may be a fool to think all this is
    >possible I am not actually trying to fool anybody are make any foolish joke
    >at the expensive other fools.
    Sorry. At first sight, MemeticsFlowers did seem way over the top. So if I
    get you right you would consider a webpage as an attractive flower-like sort
    of organ which has attributes making it a facilitator of the spread of
    memetic pollen or something like that? Websites have anthers/filaments
    and/or stigma/styles/ovaries so to speak? Are we kinda like pollinators
    then? The websites have nifty colors and designs which bring us in to their

    I'm having a vision of a male "wasp" being duped by a memetic orchid...OK
    I'll not go there. That's more risque than the round and waggle dance as
    means of communicating whereabouts of nearby memetic flowers.

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