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    The new domain name MemeticFlowers.Org has been registered and a temporary
    home page for it has been created at
    www.SocialTechnology.Org/MemeticFlowers.html with a mailing list at :

    As ordinary flowers are the reproductive or sex organs of angiosperm plants,
    memetic flowers are reproductive organs for memetic organisms. This site
    and mailing list are intended to support the creation of software for
    rapidly creating web pages and a mailing list to propagate ideas and other
    memes, meme-complexes, or memetic organisms.

    If you can produce a two word description or name for an idea you want to
    propagate, like Social Technology, memetic propagation software (a kind of
    Memetic Flower) should be able to create a web page, perhaps with a name
    consisting of the concatenated words, like www.SocialTechnology.Org
    containing a lot of standard default pieces of mechanism like guest books,
    together with a mailing list for participants, all in support of that idea,
    and it could do so in seconds.

    The site and mailing list will also support discussion of the fundamental
    idea of Memetic Flowers, which is much broader than this message suggests.
    Here is the description paragraph for the MemeticFlowers mailing list (see
    subscription form at, slightly

    MemeticFlowers.Org, is an organisation and website for the creation and
    application of open-source software and HTML templates for use in setting up
    websites which may be attractive reproductive organs for memetic organisms.

    This website and the Memetic Flowers mailing list will also be used for
    theoretical and pragmatic discussions of memetic flowers, so long as
    excessive discussion does not interfere with the actual software development
    work to be done. If that happens the discussion will be moved elsewhere.

    Flowers, of course, are the reproductive organs of angiosperm plants, and
    this word can be used by analogy to mean the reproductive organs of
    meme-complexes or memetic organisms.

    Memes, of course, are the information or software analogues of genes, as
    first described by Richard Dawkins in his excellent book The Selfish Gene.
    This is the same analogy that exists between computer viruses and ordinary
    genetic viruses such as the AIDS or common cold viruses.

    We could surely find a less poetic but probably more accurate name for
    memetic flowers, but to do so would be to ignore the reproductive potential
    of catchy names.

    A sister site with a related idea which links to MemeticFlowers.Org is


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