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Date: Thu Mar 21 2002 - 20:26:24 GMT

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    From: Wade T.Smith <>
    > On Sunday, March 17, 2002, at 02:28 , Grant Callaghan wrote:
    > > You may not like what they were trying to do, but what has that got to
    > > do with observing the way words are used?
    > Didn't remark upon my likes or dislikes, but, about the way words were
    > being used. To intentionally befuddle and swindle.

    Hi all,

    Picked the post of Wade out of the many to get this across,

    Reading the posts about this thread it seems to me there are two sides
    with a different saying about the way words are used, and accordingly
    so, there meaning.
    Just reading a magazine, I came across the idea of ' Twin- Earth ' by
    Hilary Putman. Can 't the list- mem(e)bers use that thought- experiment
    to settle their argument !?

    After all, he writes that we all learn to use a word in a particular
    context, that
    once the meaning of a word is connected with its " reference ", than is its
    meaning fixed, water becomes H2O so to speak.
    The simple man in the street knows the stereotypical aspects of water, but
    we need scientists to give us the essence of water...

    Meaning, the ' meaning ' of words is determinated by the context wherein
    we learned to use them. You can 't determine the meaning just by yourself.
    The reference of ' water ' is fixed by the context wherein you have learned
    to use the word. We are not in control over the meaning of our words.
    ( Although, a vague memory tells me something about two twinsisters
    who developed a language on their own....)

    Trying to help,



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