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    >Hi Philip Jonkers -
    > >Most of you are familiar with a phenomenon known as net signs.
    >I first heard them called 'emoticons', and I like that name a whole lot
    >better. ;-)
    >These days, with the advent of the instant messaging softwares so avidly
    >taken up by teenagers and preteenagers, the emoticons (also called
    >'smileys') are being replaced by actual small icons or images, complete
    >with text at times.
    >The early ascii email clients did not provide any way to indicate
    >sarcasm, or irony, or just plain fooling around, so some indications had
    >to be made to indicate such incursions of fancy.
    >They are still, IMHO, a necessary part of netiquette to learn.
    >There are probably a few hundred of them in ascii form.
    Dave Barry (of the _Miami Herald_) has several emoticons listed in his book
    _Dave Barry in Cyberspace_ (1996, Crown Publishers, New York, p. 147). An

    ...-) "(p)erson who can still smile despite losing an eyeball"

    There are others and some are truly hilarious LOL. I'll leave it to the
    interested reader to look up Barry's book (p. 144) and decipher this bit of


    The first two letters are unmistakable, thanks to media saturation (Vince

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