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Date: Wed Mar 20 2002 - 23:56:37 GMT

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    Since all is rather quite at the memetics mailing front and spring is about to come
    let's throw in some lite relief.

    Most of you are familiar with a phenomenon known as net signs. At least some of us also
    would agree with me when I say that these signs are probably the smallest memes around.
    Sticking true to my guns I would even say that these concise memes can be
    expressed into even tinier memes (which do form rock bottom of the recursion though
    :the atomic level).

    Anyway be that as it may here's a list of them I found on Incredimail together
    with their meaning. If you can find more of these charming
    little expressions of emotions then go ahead and post them please.
    Feel free to comment anyway of course...

    :-) or :) = happy (one of the most familiar)
    :-D = big grin
    ?-) = black eye
    :'-( = crying sadly
    :-p = disgusted
    :-x = kiss
    @@@:^) = Marge Simpson (from the Simpsons?)
    :-)) = pleased
    :-( = sad
    :-& = tong tied
    ,-) = wink

    Thanks incredimail..



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