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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 22:09:45 GMT

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    LOL! Got it. yes, I can imagine the cognitive dissonance! I can just
    imagine the conversation.... "Yeah, yeah. We've heard that one before."

    > > What do you mean, 'extracting their people?'

    > Steve Drew:
    > Got to admit it sounds comic.
    > I am sure you can appreciate that if an inmate stands up and says
    > "its OK, i
    > am a social scientist conducting an experiment, can i go now?" their
    > chances of being believed would not be too high. :-)
    > This had been considered, naturally, so this had (and i'm a little hazy
    > here) been recorded before hand and sealed in envelopes etc. I
    > think some of
    > the higher ups in the asylum had been in on it. None the less, it took the
    > lawyers to get them free.
    > Lets face it the doctors had been embarrassed if not humiliated, so to
    > accept that they were wrong was seriously difficult. I would not be
    > surprised if a little revenge wasn't in their minds either.
    > If you haven't read it Goffman's 'Asylums" is still a good read.

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